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Paul Quinlivan's Snapshots - compilationof articles appearing over a number of years

Paul Quinlivan CBE

Queen Elizabeth in PNG

Jeannette Gilligan

Pacific War in New Guinea

Jeannette Gilligan

PNGAA celebrated the 30th anniversary of Independence. Booklet contains photographs of PNG Independence Day, an overview of the PNG flag, the National Anthem, the National Crest and the Provincial Flags of PNG.

Harry West

Keepers of the Gate - Story of the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles: 1942

Phil Ainsworth

CAUTION! When in turbulence, do not pick your nose. (Ups & Downs of a Kiwi in Papua New Guinea)

Colin Pain

Murrough Benson’s story of his time in Papua New Guinea—firstly as a didiman and then with the PNG Development Bank

Murrough Benson

A Didiman's Diary - A story of people, places and patrols in the life of an Agricultural Extension Officer (Didiman) in the Territory of Papua New Guinea from 1956–65.

David Montgomery

A Kiap’s Chronicle

Bill Brown, MBE

A tribute to Fred Kaad


Keepers of the Gate - New Guinea Volunteer Rifles: 1942

Phil Ainsworth

Tisa: A Teacher’s Experience in PNG 1962–75

Roy Kirkby

Taim Bilong Kiap

Peter Worsley

Taim Bipo: People of the Nomad District When the White Men Came -

This book, with photographs by Bob Hoad, was published to mark the opening in 2020 of a high school at Mougulu. The families of students at the new school will share some of those memories and, perhaps, students will be encouraged to write the history that is remembered by their parents and grandparents.

PETER DWYER & MONICA MINNEGAL. Photography by Bob Hoad

Adventures in New Guinea - Fiction

Louis Tregance

Kiaps & the Russian Army

Chips Mackellar


Worked for Burns Philp in Popondetta and Port Moresby from 1980 through 1987

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